Recumbent Bike Reborn





 GF-R3 Reborn Fitness Australia Recumbent Fitness Bike
• Time – Auto-memorize the workout time while exercising.

• Speed – Display the current speed.

• Distance – Accumulate the distances while exercising.

• Calories – Auto-memorize calories amount consumed while exercising.

• HRC Handle – Display the user’s heart rate per minute while exercising.

• More comfortable seats.
• Burn more calories.
• Great way to take the strain off of your joints. 
• lower impact on your joints and ligaments. 
• Great cardio workout.

Name : Recumbent Bike
Model : GF-R3
Colour : Orange / Silver

Weight Capacity : 150KG
Features : Two way Bearing, Flat Belt, 3pcs Crank
Assembly Size : 130cm x 64.5cm x 100cm
Gross Weight : 33.3kg
Net Weight : 30.4kg

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