Arc Strider Sole Fitness USA


Machine Dimensions:
Height(in): 64″
Item Weight(lbs): 242 lbs.
Length(in.): 73″
Weight Capacity(lbs.): 325 lbs.
Width(in.): 34″
Box Dimensions: 73″ X 34″ X 64″
Controls & Features:
Handlebars: Cushioned Handlebars
Drive System: Front
Adjustable Stride: Manual Adjustable Stride
Maximum Stride Length: 18″ – 26″
Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible
Programs: 12 Pre-Set Programs
Flywheel Weight: 25 lbs.
Cushioned Foot-pedals: Yes
Pedal Size: 15″
Resistance: ECB; 16 Levels
Water Bottle Holder: Yes
Bluetooth Capable: No
Safety Lock: No


The adjustable stride of the ST300 is designed to meet the comfort levels and needs of any individual by tailoring the stride length to each user’s preference. With the manual adjustable stride from 18” to 26”, the entire movement of the elliptical changes while maintaining a proper trajectory for maximum comfort and results. These adjustments will allow the user to step, walk, jog or run on the same machine.


The versatility of the ST300 allows the user to target different muscle groups within your legs, expanding your workout potential! The shorter stride mimics a stepper and targets the thighs and calves, while the longer stride lengths can be used to replicate a jogging or sprinting motion to target the glutes and hamstrings. Additionally, the ST300 comes with moving multi point handle bars to stimulate and target upper body muscle groups to give you a complete total body workout.


With a footprint of 73″ (L) x 33.5″ (W), The ST600 is smaller than most Striders in its class and saves valuable floor space. Additionally, with the heavy duty 243 lb frame it will provide the durability and frame strength to handle rigorous usage. The ST300 also comes with roll wheels that allow almost any user the necessary ease to place the machine anywhere in the home. The attractive design features powder-coated steel tubing, and a high weight capacity of 325 pounds.


There are 16 levels of resistance to choose from, using an ECB resistance system, and the console area allows you to make fast, efficient changes to your resistance, choose workout programs with the touch of a button, and adjust the stride length with ease. To track your heart rate, there are contact grip sensors built into the stationary handlebars, and there are also heart rate based workout programs to choose from. In addition, there are multiple user profiles and other standard workout programs that include interval training, strength and calorie burn programs. Finally, view all of your data and select programs via the vibrant backlit LCD display screen

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